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Dropbox-logoI use Dropbox to share files with clients and colleagues. It’s easy and simple. You can start off with a basic, free plan that comes with 2GB of space. Each time you invite someone who joins and installs Dropbox, you earn an additional 500MB of space. The limit is 16GB for the free plan. After that, you’ll need to upgrade to a Pro plan.

There are several ways to configure your Dropbox settings, and it’s all a matter of preference. Some people just upload individual files. Others, like me, place uploaded files inside folders. You can name a folder anything you like, but I generally give them the same name as the person I’m sharing the folder with. For example: landofoz-dorothy and wonderland-alice. Each folder will have a link that you can share.

Sharing Online via Dropbox Account

Log into your Dropbox account, then go to your “home” page to see a list of all the files and folders in your account: https://www.dropbox.com/home. You can view the list in various ways, sorting by name, kind, extension, or modified date.  At the top of the browser window, you’ll see 4 icons, which allow you to share links and folders: Dropbox-icons

  1. Upload a new file and “share” the link with another person(s).
  2. Create a new folder, give it a name, and “share” the link with another person(s).
    An email notification with the link to the file/folder will be sent to the person. They click on the link to retrieve the file/folder.
  3. Share an existing file or folder. Following the prompts, you’ll be asked to select which file or folder and who you want to share it with.
    Sharing a file/folder is more powerful than simply sending someone a link to it. By sharing, you are letting that person see the folder and its contents in their own Dropbox account.
  4. Trash bin (will show deleted files/folders)

Rather than using one of the icons at the top of the browser screen, you can also go directly to a file/folder in your Dropbox list. Clicking on the file/folder name will reveal the its contents. If you hover over the right side of the list, a link icon will appear. Click on that link icon to share the file/folder. If you have a mouse that is “right-click”-enabled, hover over the right side of the list and “right-click” to reveal a drop-down menu of other great options: “Shared Folder Options”, “Invite to Folder”, “Share Link”, “Download”, “Delete”, “Rename”, “Move”, “Copy”, and “Create Album”.


Sync Online Activity to Your Computer

For me, the real beauty of Dropbox is the synchronization of activity between my computer and my cloud storage. I don’t have to log into my account to share files. But, this key feature is something that many people miss out on, only because they haven’t installed Dropbox onto their computers. If you’ve already set up your Dropbox account and missed or ignored the steps for installation, you can find the application by logging into your account and clicking on your username. The drop-down menu options include “Install”; selecting that brings you to the download page for the application: https://www.dropbox.com/install.

Dropbox shared folders let you collaborate on a set of files. When someone joins a shared folder, the folder appears inside their Dropbox, and syncs to their computers automatically. — Technotricks

Once it’s installed, there will be a main Dropbox folder on your computer and you’ll be able to drop files into any designated folder there. Whatever you do on your local computer will be synchronized with your web account. If you’ve shared that folder with someone who has also installed Dropbox, they will instantly see those files on their computer.

So, go ahead and create a Dropbox account. If you’ve already got one, make sure you’ve installed Dropbox onto your computer. It will make file sharing so easy that you may be do a happy dance!

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